· E · P· I · C · PROGRAM


  1. Chapters must submit a letter stating commitment for the six-month period (October 15, 2023 to April 15, 2024) with signatures of student officers, faculty sponsor, and Dean of Student Affairs of their local institution.  The letter will include that all posts have proper education, ethical, and consents if necessary to post original and non-repeated material with the logo of the sponsor, Care Credit.  This submission will be made to [email protected] Once selected as a participating HSDA Chapter, logos and additional links will be provided.

  1. HSDA Chapters must send at least one representative to the 2024 Annual Meeting and a faculty member, at their school’s expense.  Each participating student chapter of HSDA will show their 2 ½  minute video E.P.I.C. montage (150 seconds or less) as part of their 5 minutes presentation to be eligible for the guaranteed money and recognition at the 2024 HDA annual meeting.

  1. Chapters will use the Instagram platform to post at least 3 monthly educational spots to encourage their local community to learn and better utilize dental services, there will be an off month to allow time for winter break.  ONE OF THE POSTINGS MUST BE IN SPANISH EACH MONTH.  Educational spots can include original videos, songs, illustrations, and or animations. The QR codes for the postings will be submitted April 15th through the [email protected] email as part of the digital portfolio (at least 15 postings) to be used for project assessment and fulfillment of the program requirements for payment.

  1. All selected HSDA Chapters for the 2023-2024 cycle that complete and satisfy the aforementioned requirements will receive $1,500 dollars and recognition to be presented at the 2024 HDA Annual Meeting.

  1. The most impactful HSDA chapter based on likes, creativity, and comments judged by the JHDA Editorial Board, will be eligible for an additional $3,000 dollars to be presented at the 2024 Annual Meeting.