Dental College of Georgia – Augusta University

2022 - 2023 Chapter Officers


Jeny Dominguez

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Omar Peralta

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Isabella Batallas

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Christina Sun

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Adrian Lopez

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Aiden Cho

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Dr. Taler Tarrazzi

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The DCG Hispanic Student Association is an inclusive organization that strives to promote the importance of providing services and education on the disparities, particularly oral disparities, in the Hispanic community, as well as other underserved communities.

Our Executive Board as well as our faculty advisor Dr. Marlen Robles-Moreno, have been working closely together in order to celebrate and promote the rich Hispanic culture, as well as help the underserved community, here in Augusta, GA.

We are proud to say that our organization has grown in the last few years due to many volunteering opportunities and multiple events.  Every year, we volunteer at the Clinica Latina well as The Hispanic Festival where we are able to educate the community on oral health care and provide dental examinations. We also are able to bring our whole school together and celebrate cultures through different authentic cuisine with our International Flavors event. Lastly, one of our most favorite events is “Día de los Muertos”, where we are able to celebrate and educate one another about the traditions surrounding the day. We are also excited to say that we have started a weekly HSDA newsletter here on campus and look forward to sharing our very first newsletter in the next few weeks.

HSDA has been able to engage and gain more members at our school by having a stronger presence on campus. One way is through our “Charlas” where we teach and practice Spanish terminology so that students can better communicate with their Spanish speaking patients in clinic. Our fundraising events allow students the ability to volunteer.  They range from Gracias Grams, Cupid Charms, and the unique design that gets everyone excited about our T-shirt sales.

Our chapter is proud of what we have accomplished and continue to work hard and make more strides in the community. Within the next year, we are excited to be able to send some of our exec and members to the HDA National Conference where they will be able to participate in some of the contests and competitions.

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