Mejor Rx, a new pharmacy savings platform created to help Hispanic communities save up to 90% on vital prescription medications and find discounts on medical supplies.

Oral healthcare is the most effective branch of US healthcare in implementing a primary intervention model. The HDA represents oral health professionals who champion this preventative approach, changing patients’ lives without costing them their life savings.

This pharmacy savings program benefits both patients and our members:

  • Patients can access affordable medications with an easy-to-use bi-lingual platform

  • Dentists can support their communities, and earn additional revenue

Medication compliance is a cornerstone of effective primary intervention, yet patient concerns about cost can significantly hamper adherence to treatment programs set by healthcare providers. The HDA created Mejor Rx to support our medical colleagues by improving treatment adherence, by making the prescribed medication more affordable thanks to our partnership with RxSpark, an outstanding technology company.

Benefits of the Program

Mejor Rx makes vital medicines more affordable for patients, offering some of the lowest prices in the US, with discounts of up to 90% on medication. Unlike many other discount card systems, the platform also offers patients access to discounted lab tests; a US-based online pharmacy available for mail order prescriptions; medical supplies; a wealth of health products; and a range of other features and services, including prescription refill reminders. JOIN THE PROGRAM NOW!

How to Save with Mejor Rx...

Complementing the platform is the powerful Mejor Rx app. Designed for ease of use and fast pharmacy savings on-the-go, the app can be toggled between Spanish and English. Available for both iOS and Android devices, it can be quickly shared with patients via a scannable QR code, simple technology with which everyone is familiar following its use combatting the COVID-19 pandemic.

This exciting new platform ties in with the HDA’s vision of empowering health professionals to increase health equity and improve overall health of Hispanic/Latinx communities. Mejor Rx not only has the most competitive prescription prices, it’s an intuitive app, while the website make it easy to find the lowest prices, enabling patients to buy the medication they need, at a price they can afford. JOIN THE PROGRAM NOW!

 The Hispanic Dental Association and its Oral Healthcare Team members are aware of the important connection between the health of your mouth and the health of your body. This is our gift to you and your future health improvement. Your Mejor Sonrisa starts with Mejor Rx!


Download the app: