Student Chapter

Faculty Advisors: 

Dr. Leopoldo Correa and Dr. Martha Forero

President: Marely Estrada Toledo

Vice President: Gabriel Perez

President Elect: Cassandra Escobedo

Secretary: Marisabel Correa

Treasurer: Pamela Espinoza

Social Media Coordinator: Stephanie Souza & Diana Alberich

Admissions Rep: Aldo Herrera

Community Service Chairs: Vivian Argueta & Adriana Iturbide

Chapter Information

The Tufts HSDA was founded in 1994 and aligns its mission with that of the National Hispanic Dental Association, especially in promoting the oral health of the Hispanic community through improved prevention, treatment, and education.

Tufts HDA would like to welcome the D24s and we are excited to work with all our members. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

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