University of Washington HSDA

UW HSDA is a growing student chapter striving to uphold the HDA mission statement. Our goal is to serve our communities in every way possible. Our officers and members organize quarterly events for underserved communities to receive the dental care they need.  We have multiple partnerships with programs at the University of Washington School of Dentistry such as OEPD (Office of Educational Partnerships and Diversity) and Health & Homelessness, as well as other partnerships in the community with organizations as Casa Latina and the Medical Teams International (MTI) Van. Some of the events we have held in the past quarters include a mobile dental clinic at Casa Latina (both screening and treatment events) and screenings at the Latina Health Fair in Auburn. In addition to our volunteering events, we are also determined to create a strong bond amongst all our officers and members by holding unique, fun, and engaging activities including bi-weekly Spanish classes, socials, and mentorship programs. We are passionate about the work we do and look forward to continuing to represent our underserved Hispanic community and cultivate strong dental leaders.

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